Love Your Lungs Week

Published at 15 June, 2020.

Love Your Lungs Week

We’re standing by the British Lung Foundation to celebrate this year's Love Your Lungs Week, as they aim to get the word out about lung health and lung disease. Here’s how you can get involved and improve the wellbeing of your lungs for an often forgotten but vital cause. 

You can get involved by downloading and displaying the campaign poster in windows, cars, shops and posting it online. They're also encouraging you to take a five-minute lung disease breath test which you can find on their website, easy to do and completely confidential. 

If you're happy with your results, post them on social media, get the conversation rolling via email, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social platforms to help raise awareness about the simplicity of the test which really does save lives. Lung disease affects 1 in 5 people within the UK, meaning that of 150 Facebook friends or followers, 30 of them could be at risk of developing the disease. Inspiring others to get tested and be knowledgable has never been more essential at a time of global pandemic when the onus is on our chest and lungs, as is the value of staying healthy. 

Research strongly shows that amongst all social groups, smokers are the likeliest to get lung disease. Some of the most harmful and damaging forms are: 

  • COPD, or Chronic Obstructionary Pulmonary Disease 
  • Chronic bronchitis, where the lungs are inflamed for long periods of time
  • Emphysema, which chronically affects the alveoli
  • Lung Cancer, development of carcinogenic cells and the growl of tumours, lumps or masses

The best way to avoid your exposure to such dangers is to quit smoking for good with the help of our expert advisors at Yorkshire Smokefree, our service offers you the tools and action plans to succeed, even if you’ve tried to quit before. You are in control of the support you’d like to receive, from telephone, text, solo and group meetings to our innovative online quit platform with interactive features to keep you strong when cravings hit. We are free, friendly and flexible to guide you through each step of your smoke-free journey by putting positivity at the heart of all we do. 

There are a range of lung loving benefits you’ll start to see once you reduce and quit the habit, including:

  • Your lungs beginning to work better, with improved airflow and functions as excess carbon monoxide disappears from your body 
  • General energy levels start to spike as you find it easier and easier to breathe freely
  • As withdrawal kicks into gear you’ll find you can walk, run and get increasingly active 

This Love Your Lungs Week don’t forget to love your lungs and inspire others to value theirs by quitting smoking. You can call our advisors on 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines) or 0330 6601 166, alternatively, get in touch with us for a Callback Request today.

If you've been to see your GP or contacted Yorkshire Smokefree because of their Love Your Lungs Week campaign they want to hear from you here.

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