stop smoking success story calderdale

Yvonne accessed Yorkshire Smoke Calderdale after her District Nurse visited her at home back in 2018.

Yvonne had been waiting for an operation and was encouraged to try to quit before her surgery.

The District Nurse gave Yvonne Yorkshire Smokefree’s number; she says she wouldn’t have known that there was help available to stop smoking if not for her. 

Yvonne quit on 15th November 2018 prior to surgery and has maintained her non- smoking status. She has continued since then with the stop smoking programme and has been impressed with the service she has received.

After her surgery, she feels she is recovering well and this has been helped by the fact that she is now totally smoke-free!

Congratulations Yvonne! The Calderdale team is incredibly proud of you! 

(*Image for illustration purposes only)


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