Philippa was 13 years old when she started smoking, and has smoked for the last 35 years!

A mixture of watching her parents smoke as she grew up and peer pressure at school meant that she was soon smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day.

A result of heavy smoking has left Philippa's father with severe COPD and her mother-in-law has had both a heart attack and a stroke. Philippa didn't want the same to happen to her, so she contacted Yorkshire Smokefree and decided to start her quit journey. The excellent support she received in her group sessions and nicotine replacement therapy helped her finally become smokefree!

There were a few things that have helped Philippa stay smokefree including changing her daily routine and using chewing gum when the urge for a cigarette.

The best thing about not being a smoker for Philippa is that she has finally got rid of her annoying cough, and she's saving £50 a week!

"Just don't smoke. Smoking takes all your money, ruins your health, annihilates your teeth and it will kill you eventually."


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