I suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital so the hospital has referred me, however, I actually asked them to refer me as it seemed like a good reason to quit smoking at this point.

I just knew now is the right time.

I believed I could achieve 4 weeks smokefree, I believe if you really want to do it you will and the chats with my advisor, Aleks, were really helpful in achieving this.

I used stage 1 and stage 2 patches to help me quit, I found you forget you have got one on so without realising they are doing something. Not sure how it would be like without them so they must have helped in some way. I wouldn't be able to do it just on my own.

Apart from medication, the motivation after suffering a heart attack and the support from the service helped me to stay smokefree.

My breathing has improved - my partner has commented on the ease of my breathing during sleep/ Others are commenting that my skin is also looking better. However, in general, I am feeling better in myself and have gained a bit more confidence.

Other than my health, I have saved a lot of money. I didn't do it for the money but having saved some has been a bonus.

I haven't really thought about if the pandemic made it harder or if I would have quit if we hadn't been in a lockdown, I have not been affected by it. The only thing is that I was not able to see my advisor and other health professionals face to face.

The support and having someone giving you a call has been really helpful and felt good that someone is checking up on your quit.

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