Martin`s Story “It`s never too late”

Martin`s Story “It`s never too late”

I`m the first to admit, I have tried to quit

Many other times in the past

My advisor did say, if I ever did sway,

Don`t give in, try again, and this time you`ll last


I cannot lie, I have struggled a bit

I`ve wobbled and fell off the path

But I got back on track, did not let myself slack

And now I can say “I did it!


If I had a pound, and funny as it sounds

For every quit attempt I have made

I`d have a pretty penny saved up already

But now the savings are profound!


My mind set is positive and that`s what is new

It`s made such a difference I know

Strategies in place and a routine to do

Trips to Aldi for healthy snacks I go


Family`s my support, my grand kids are my fun

In 8 weeks I`ve changed for good

I`d say “what`s the point, the damage is done”?

But that I misunderstood!


The service is brilliant and I also know, it`s never too late so give it a go!

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