How old were you when you started smoking? 

12, and I smoked on and off for 35 years. I originally started because my peers were doing it. 

How many cigarettes per day were you smoking?


What were your reasons for quitting?

Health reasons - To get fitter, hope to be around longer for my family

How did you access stop smoking support?

One to one, the support I received was excellent

Did you use stop smoking products to help you quit?

Yes and they were very helpful

Apart from products, what else helped you to quit and stay smokefree? 

Support from family and friends

Has your health improved since you quit and if so, in what whats?

Yes, I'm much more active and more sociable

Have you achieve anything since quitting that you couldn't do whilst smoking?

Yes, I'm about to join the gym and I'm also finding it easier when riding my horse

What do you like about not smoking?

Feeling and smelling lots better and fresher

What would you say to anyone who has recently started smoking, or, if you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self before you smoked that first cigarette?

Don't do it - get support. 


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