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Hi, my name is Jill and I am 66 years old. I've been smoking for many years but 5 weeks ago I decided to try and stop which up to now I've done.

I started cold turkey as my patches were out of stock, I'm ok during the day but it's the evenings I find harder, I use an inhalator as a cigarette and it really helps.

I feel tons better in myself I have asthma and don't use my inhaler as much as I did before, and the best thing ever is I'm £206 a month richer.

I can feel better with myself for not having to lie to my dad, who still thinks I stopped years ago.

On the 13th Februrary, I blew into the reader and blew a 2, never been prouder of myself, wish I had been done one before I stopped.

Life's good.