The main reason I accessed the service was for my health as I was wheezing when I laid down.

I struggled at times but I had the goal in mind to quit for good.

I used the 24h 14mg patch for the first 4 weeks and then went cold turkey.

It was alright, they were helpful, they stopped me from changing into a wild boar and ripping some ones head off.

Apart from medication, my determination and the support I recieved from Dan my advisor as I found him approachable and relatable.

I didn't visit the webpage.

My health has improved since I quit, my breathing has definitely improved and I can walk further and feel like the circulation in my legs has improved as I don't get knee pain as often now I have stopped smoking.

I haven't achieved anything else since quitting apart from my health.

The pandemic made me more determined to quit smoking as I was scared of catching the virus and mot surviving as my breathing was bad already.

I found the telephone service easily accessible but would have preferred face to face.

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