My name is Charlotte. I'm 32 years old.
My GP encouraged me to quit smoking because of my health problems. My first appointment was in July this year with advisor Jean, who supported me in quitting smoking.
She was very supportive and explained how products work and what to expect when you quit smoking. Jean advised me on the product; I chose patches and lozenges because of my cravings. She also guided me on avoiding triggers and managing my passions using tablets. 
I found quitting hard to start, but I have my son, and he motivated me each day to remain smoke-free.
When I quit in the first few weeks, my breathing improved, and I had more energy. I save some money, and I treat myself and my little boy.
Jean is an excellent advisor; she encourages me not to give up and put some positive routine in my home. 
I am smoke-free; I did my CO2 reading last week and was one on the scale as a non-smoker. Compared to the beginning of July, my CO2 was  19 on this same scale, heavy smoker.
I recommend Doncaster Stop Smoking Service to everyone who wants to quit; support and advice are amazing, and I am very motivated. Products form services that work and help with cravings for nicotine.
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