I had been given a warning by the consultant, that if I did not stop smoking, there was nothing medically they could do for me, as I was such a heavy smoker.

I was 100% sure I could stop smoking, it was my only option.

I used patches and the inhalator, they worked very well for me. I did not think they would work as well as they did. I found them very helpful.

The calls from the stop smoking service and my family supporting me so much has helped me to stay smokefree. I have kept myself busy working in the garden and walking. If I had stayed in doors that would have made it harder. Keeping busy worked very well. I was a very heavy smoker I used to smoke 50 grams every 4 to 5 days. The service runs so smoothly, I can't thank them enough.

Since stopping smoking, I feel better, moving better, walking better. I have more energy and I feel better in myself. I feel like. anew person. I feel better in my mind as well as my body.

I found that the calls from the service were extremely helpful.

My advice to anyone would be, it is never too late to stop smoking.

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