Ways we can help

  • Practical advice from our specialist advisors
  • Access to medication to help you stop smoking
  • Free group sessions in Calderdale
  • Specialist support for pregnant ladies

Stopping smoking with others is one of the most successful ways of quitting. Support is weekly and everyone is in different stages of quitting. You are encouraged to attend every week, until they are at least 4 weeks quit to get them through the time of highest relapse. You will get to know each other people who are quitting, share tips and advice and give support through the difficult times of staying quit

Our Specialist Pregnancy Advisor can offer one to one support for pregnant ladies and couples with young families. We can contact you via telephone/text or email to offer more support.

Quit Online

Our online service takes you on a personalised 28 day journey to becoming smoke-free.
Join 20,000 other Yorkshire Quitters.

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