Stop before your op with Yorkshire Smokefree

Stop before your op with Yorkshire Smokefree

Stop before your op with Yorkshire Smokefree

Congratulations to one of our Calderdale quitter who is celebrating being 6 months smoke-free!

This Yorkshire Smokefree client joined our Calderdale group sessions after she was recommended by her doctor to stop smoking because of her upcoming surgery. She was advised that you are better to have quit smoking at least 1 month in advance before having an operation. After quickly settling into the group, she found the dynamic of the sessions especially helpful for her quit journey.  

“You realise everyone else feels the same as you and you can discuss coping strategies you may not have thought of…”

The quitter had been wanting to stop smoking for a few months but the operation gave her that extra nudge she needed to cut the habit she had been doing since her early 20s.

Back in 2003 she managed to stay smoke-free for almost a year. However, after relapsing she went back to the cigarettes until halfway into 2014. Her most intense cravings were during her working hours, where she was used to a routine of having regular smoking breaks.

On her first day quitting smoking she informed the group that she did panic at first. Thankfully, she overcame this feeling by reminding herself why she was stopping, and afterwards she adapted to life as a non-smoker relatively quickly.

This time around the Calderdale quitter is confident she will stay smoke-free for good. With the help of the advisers and other group members, she planned fantastic tactics to keep herself distracted during those moments she got the worst cravings – including gradually whittling down the shredding pile at work!  

“The ladies leading the group were very encouraging, supportive, positive and knowledgeable.”

Since becoming smoke-free she has really enjoyed the benefits. With more money in her pocket and generally feeling much healthier, she tells us this was definitely a positive change to her lifestyle.

Due to her status as an ex-smoker, her recovery from the operation is going much more smoothly than it would have been without the quit. We’re really pleased to hear that her health is constantly improving - well done!

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